Beavertown Tower Construction

Beavertown, Pennsylvania, Spring 2012.

The project consisted of removal of a storm damaged tower and a second small tower, modification of the damaged tower to temporarily support two microwave antennas while the new tower was constructed. The damaged sections of the old tower were removed with a crane. We fabricated and installed a torque arm assembly on the remaining 60 feet of tower. Guy wires were added to the torque arm and attached to concrete ballast to stabilize the structure. The microwave antennas were installed to establish the microwave path while construction of the new tower took place.  The new tower was constructed and the microwave antennas were moved to the new structure. The remaining sections of the damaged tower were then removed. We removed of the antennas from the remaining old tower and installed those antennas on the new tower along with new feedlines and connected them to the customer’s equipment.  Finally the site was graded and the fence installed.