MultiComm has dozens of new pagers to choose from along with several services packaged to meet your individual needs.

Pager and Service Pricing

Digital Paging

bravo_501This is the most economical service designed for the customer who only needs a phone number displayed that they can call for more information. It’s very easy for the calling party to use. The caller dials your pager telephone number, then with a touch tone telephone, enters the telephone number they wish displayed on your pager. The number entered by the caller is sent to your pager and is displayed until you clear it from memory. Up to 20 digits can be sent in a single page. Most pagers can store up to 16 messages before an old message is deleted to make room for a new one. Pagers are available with numerous alert features including beep, vibrate and some with musical tunes. Other pagers include alarm clocks and 12 and 24 hour clocks. Some pagers are only slightly larger than the size AA battery that powers them. This battery is good for more than a month of continuous operation.

Alphanumeric Paging

apgold3Alphanumeric paging allows text messages to be sent to the pager as well as numeric. This is very handy for businesses who wish to send detailed information to an employee instead of having them call back to the office thus saving valuable time. The messages can be sent in several ways. We offer preset alphanumeric messaging that can be done from any touch tone telephone. The caller enters the preset message number or can group messages together to be sent to the pager. An alphanumeric entry device can be purchased allowing the user to type the complete message, then at the press of a key, send that text message to the pager.

Email to Pager

MultiComm is pleased to provide email to your alphanumeric pager. Now you can receive messages via email. This service is provided free of charge to our alphanumeric paging customers. There’s no longer a need to have a specialized software package to send a message to one of our pagers anymore. Simply send an email. If you are currently an alphanumeric paging customer and wish to have this service added to your account, simply call our office during normal business hours (9-5 Monday thru Friday) or send us an email with your pager number and a brief message asking us to add email to your pager.

Digital Paging 800 Service

Digital Paging 800 service is identical in operation to our standard digital paging service. The only difference is the method of entering the page. The caller dials the 800 toll free number, the paging terminal answers with a prompt to enter the pager number. The caller then enters a four digit pager number, waits for a response, then enters the phone number to be displayed on the pager. This service is more expensive than the standard digital paging service. Pages are $.10 a page after the initial 50. The 800 service is billed monthly.

Voice Mail with Pager Notification

The most recent addition to our paging services is voice mail. As with all voice mail systems, the caller can leave a message in their own voice. The paging customer is then notified that there is mail. This notification page consists of the pager phone number, number of messages in the mailbox and age of the oldest message in hours. There are two tiers of voice mail with pager notification.

Voice Mail Tier One

60 second maximum time for each incoming message. A total of 10 saved messages held for up to 24 hours.

Voice Mail Tier Two

60 second maximum time for each incoming message. A total of 15 saved messages held for up to 48 hours.
In both tiers, when the pager number is called, the caller is prompted to “Speak your message or key in your message,” allowing the opportunity to leave a detailed message in their own voice or simply enter their phone number.

Custom Prompts

For the company that would like to have a more personal touch, you can record your own personal greeting. When the pager number is called, your recorded voice greets the caller instead of the pre-recorded message. The outgoing custom prompt can be up to 15 seconds. This prompt can be changed at any time using your personal pass code and any touch tone phone. Custom prompts can be used in conjunction with voice mail.

Page Insure

With Page Insure, digital messages are stored for later retrieval. Up to 20 messages can be stored at once. Any newer message greater than 20 will delete the oldest message. Customers can call in and retrieve digital messages that are played back in a human voice. Page Insure can be used in conjunction with all pagers or any of the other features.


This service works well for companies who wish to have a message posted for customers to call for their latest specials, announcements, menus, etc. It’s great for schools that publish their lunch menu each day, or any other message in an announcement scenario. Announcement mode only plays an outgoing message and does not allow the caller an opportunity to leave a message.

Protection Plan

The Protection Plan covers all repairs and includes a loaner pager while your pager is being repaired. In the event of a pager being lost, stolen, or deemed non-repairable by MultiComm, Inc. the pager will be replaced with the same model or one of equal value after a $25 deductible for digital pagers or a $50 deductible for alpha pagers has been paid.